Nerdy's - the story so far !...............

And the loop continues into an endless while.....

Vikrant 'nerd' Aivalli
18 May 1981
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I am done with my studies for now. I am a Network administrator. I have many blogs,

nerdyonthemove - My OnTheMove blog. I make entries when I am travelling.

clixonerdy - My photo blog. Read the info page ! ;-)

nerdyatwork - This is my work blog. No I wont be fired for blogging here !

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I love music I can handle guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and some vocals. My aim in life is to walk all the branches of music, as in, strings, percussions, keyboards, wind, get the idea ? :-? :-)

I've for now been thru keyboards and currently going thru strings !

Oh! BTW, I am a muzak geek as well.

So if you live in Bangalore and wanna jam up with me do ping me ! :-)

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