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The 'O' in the OLD man!

As of yesterday I started a ( transitionary new) phase of my life. Before I continue let us pick a number for clarity to define our optimism or pessimism.

We are in Kali yug. Well almost, a little here and there!

Humans in the near past that I have noticed do not live about 100 years. Also, we do not practice Brahmachari, Grihasti, Vanaprasti or a Sannyasi slices of life paths as before. Let me summarise by telling 90 years is highly optimistic and 60 years is slightly pessimistic by todays standards.

The point? If I am 30 then optimistically I have already lived 1/3 of my life. Similarly, pessimistically I have already lived 1/2 of my life. I frankly do not think I will live till 90. When life will end, is one of the best kept secrets I have seen from the universe we live in.

I have learnt lots in the life that I have already lived. The tragedy of learning is that, at the end of the learning you gain knowlege of how much more you need to learn. Vicious cycle, indeed!

Just wanted to document this somewhere so that I remember this for the rest of my life.

Thanks to all those who wished me yesterday. I love you all for remembering me and my birthday.

More later!


PS: There is a significant urge in me to try something different. Lemme know if you have ideas. :-)
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