Vikrant 'nerd' Aivalli (aivalli) wrote,
Date: 2010-02-11 08:26
Subject: The joblessness of a car driver!
Tags: lyfe
Mood: bored

So me and darkch0c0lat3 were going in our car. There were two hyper slow vehicles.

Bike > a Hero honda CD 100 drived by a man who was fat enough to deserve a Maruti 800.

Car > Old-ass Maruti 800 which was "fully-loaded" as in with people! So, slow!

The signal turned green. Obviously, these two were leading and taking up the whole road. I was following them. My patience and calm timed out but - my humor took over in vengence!

I became a volunteer spectator to the slow race! I was genuinely interested in who wins. There was an under-pass approaching so I knew the tromenting would end soon. I started cheering up and showing open support to the bike.

I shouted cheeringly, " CD, CD, CD, .... " with my left fist rotating in the air! darkch0c0lat3 was dismayed but looked on.

My cheering paid off and the bike won! Whoooooooooooo!

We went on our way.


More later!

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